Senior Pictures


Last week we mailed information regarding senior pictures for the class of 2016 to your home.  We are including the same information with this email as a reminder.  Camera Box takes takes the formal portraits for the school yearbook, and we can also take casual, informal, outdoor and even cap and gown photos.  Click these links for more information:

It is very important that you schedule a senior portrait for your Cumberland Valley student as soon as possible by calling Camera Box at 717-761-2017.

If you have already scheduled an appointment, thank you, please disregard this email.

Senior portraits should be taken during May, June, July or August, prior to the start of school next year.  If you would prefer, you may schedule your formal photo sitting on one of the days that we are coming to the school over the summer.  If you would like to have casual or outdoor photos taken, you will need to set up a time at the studio in Camp Hill.

If you wait to schedule until July, it is possible that we may not have any times left before school starts.  Please schedule early.  Also, remember that fall sports coaches will NOT excuse you from practice to get your Senior Portrait taken.  You need to set up a time BEFORE practices start.


Sport Pictures

Throughout the school year, Camera Box takes photos of sports and a few other school events and donates these photos to the school for use in the yearbook.  We also make these photos available online for students and parents, including FREE DOWNLOADS.  To view, download or order the pictures, click the links below.