It's time for Senior Portraits!

Congratulations Bishop McDevitt Class of 2022! It's time to schedule your senior portraits so that your picture will be included in the 2022 yearbook. Please call the studio at 717.761.2017 to schedule your private appointment time.

Camera Box is the official photographer for Bishop McDevitt. You must be photographed by Camera Box to be included in the yearbook.

We recommend that you are photographed in June, July or August at our studio in Camp Hill to guarantee your place in the yearbook. 

To schedule a time at the studio, please call 717.761.2017. We are sorry, but we are unable to schedule studio appointments online at this time.


GIRLS: Must wear black drape FOR YEARBOOK PHOTO. Camera Box provides the drape, and each drape is washed after each use. Because your shoulders are uncovered while wearing the drape, please wear a cami or tank top with thin straps for the formal sitting. Straps must be pushed down when the drape is worn.

One pair of earrings allowed (Hair must be down to cover other piercings). No facial piercings or visible tattoos. NO CLEAR NOSE PIERCING studs (absolutely NO nose piercings whatsoever). No unnatural hair color allowed.

BOYS: PROFESSIONAL DRESS ATTIRE REQUIRED: Suit, button-down shirt, tie or bowtie / Sports jacket required FOR THE YEARBOOK. Camera Box recommends that you wear your own jacket. In an emergency we have a limited selection of black jackets available. You MUST wear your own dress shirt. No shirts will be provided by Camera Box.

No pierced ears, facial piercings or visible tattoos of any kind. No facial piercings of any kind. Hair cannot touch the top of the collar or any part of the ears. No unnatural hair color allowed. Must be clean shaven. Mustaches permitted (No beards, goatees, or other facial hair of any kind). 

Any photo that is deemed inappropriate or that does not meet the professional dress code
requirements will not be featured in the yearbook.

Price are listed below. If you are unable to afford the sitting fee that is required for the yearbook, please contact your school counselor, the yearbook adviser, or send an email to  Need-based scholarship funds are available, and no one will be kept out of the yearbook for financial reasons.


Senior Portrait Sitting Prices

You pay for your sitting fee when the pictures are taken. The sitting fee includes the photo for the yearbook and basic retouching for the yearbook pose. The sitting fee does not include prints or digital files. We have several types of sittings available. Please decide what sitting you would like prior to scheduling your appointment:

Formal Sitting - $35 $25 now through September 4, 2021!

Traditional formal portrait session in one outfit; required for the yearbook. Includes the cost of retouching the yearbook pose. Camera Box will submit your yearbook pose to the school for you. Some schools have specific dress codes, but regardless, this session is a formal, dressy picture. Jackets and ties for guys are great, and formal tops or drapes for girls. Add a 3/4 length pose in a different outfit for $10 extra.

Casual Senior Sitting - Add $35

This sitting is not available at school. Call 717.761.2017 to schedule a time. Includes 2 outfits. Fun casual photos can be taken outside at a location near the studio, or indoors if you prefer or if the weather is bad. We love outdoor photos! Pick outfits that you love! Bring along a prop or props to really personalize your photos. For outdoor sessions, please select outfits that allow you to change quickly in your vehicle if necessary.

Destination Outdoor Sitting - Add $80

Not available at school. Call 717.761.2017 to schedule. Some suggestions include "City Tour" photos in Harrisburg, pictures at Children's Lake in Boiling Springs, waterfront by the Susquehanna, Italian Lake in Harrisburg, on campus at Dickinson College or Messiah, or pick your own local destination! Let us know what you want when you call. Up to 3 outfits, but you have to be comfortable changing clothes in your vehicle! 

Senior Portrait Package Prices

After your pictures are taken and you are ready to place an order you may select prints or digital files using our Package Prices. Click or tap for a complete price list.

Samples - Get ALL your senior pictures done by Camera Box!