Do you really need a professional headshot for business?

A first impression is vital to business success.  And many first impressions are now being made on the web so it’s important to make a positive impact with a strong headshot.  A potential client’s decision to do business with you will often be based in largely your competence, professionalism and attitude.

You should get a new headshot whenever your appearance changes substantially or every three to four years.  Your headshot should look like you on an average to best day.

Here are five reasons you should have a headshot:

  1. It makes you identifiable – people do business with those they know
  2. It conveys professionalism
  3. People spend more time looking and photographs than text
  4. A photo builds a strong brand, especially for your LinkedIn profile
  5. It’s good business sense!

Need an updated headshot? Contact Tammy or Geoff at Camera Box to set up an appointment.

When was the last time you had a professional headshot?