Wedding Photography and your “Special Day”

Of all the things you will plan for your wedding, only a few last through time.  The party will end, your dress will be put away, the flowers will disappear…but your photos last a lifetime.

When making a decision about your wedding budget, you can be tempted to decide that a friend with a camera can take your wedding pictures, or a student, or someone just starting out in the photo business.  Don’t make this mistake with the most important photos of your life!
Geoff and Tammy have years of experience photographing hundreds of weddings.  All of our packages include free facebook downloads for you and your guests.  All of our packages include high-resolution images with a copy release so you can print them yourself and preserve them for a lifetime.

But MOST important of all…All our wedding images are professionally color corrected and edited.  Our photos include special effects, cropping, black-and-white with a touch of color, vignetting, and much more.  It is all about creative interpretation.  This is what makes our wedding images so special.  We don’t just give you the images straight from the camera.  We take those great images and make them even better in the editing process.

Many people are surprised to learn that we spend more time in the post-production stage of wedding photography than we do taking the pictures.  It is not unusual for us to spend 15-20 hours just making your wedding images look amazing before we deliver them to you.

This is what makes professional wedding photos from Camera Box so special.  Contact us today to set up a consultation regarding your wedding.  We would love to work with you to create images that are really special!