2012 Voting Changes

The new PA law called Voter Photo ID will go into effect in the November Presidential election. In order to vote in the November general election, you must have a Government issued, photo ID with an expiration date on it. Register by October 7 to vote on November 6! State governments across the country enacted […]

A Resolution for Change!

The New Year is here, and with that, so is a new election year. The 2008 Presidential Election was known for having the highest turnout since Richard Nixon’s election in 1968. However, the large amount of citizens is still low when compared to those eligible to vote. Of the 215 million people eligible to vote […]

ROCK the Vote on Tuesday’s Primary Election!

On Tuesday, May 17, registered voters across the state of Pennsylvania will be expressing their civic right and duty by visiting their local polling places.  Locally in Central PA the “hot” races are for county commissioners, judges and school boards.  Across the state, Pennsylvanians will  be electing two State-wide Judges – one for Superior Court […]