Increased Voter Turn-Out, New Regulations Highlight PA Primaries

Last Tuesday, registered voters across Pennsylvania participated in the primary election to vote for candidates to run in the November general election. Pennsylvania is one of 40 states that hold a closed primary election, which means you must be a member of either the Democratic or Republican party to vote for that party’s candidate.  For example, you could not vote in the Republican primary unless you are a registered member of the Republican Party. Some states hold open primaries, in which you are allowed to vote for a candidate outside of your own party.  There are also some states that hold a mixed primary.  Pennsylvania primary elections are held on the third Tuesday of May in all years except Presidential years, when it is held on the fourth Tuesday of April.

This year’s primary was also an opportunity for polling places to practice new rules requiring voters to provide identifications before voting. Some polling places chose not to practice this policy, but it will be required of all state polling places in November’s general election. In Central PA, the race was on for seats in both houses of the General Assembly and Congress, as well as an Attorney General, Auditor General and Treasurer.  For a full list of election results, click here.

Be sure to follow the National Conventions this summer:

Republican – August 27-30 in Tampa, FL

Democratic – September 3-6 in Charlotte, NC

Did you vote in the primary this year?