It's time for Senior Portraits!

Congratulations Carlisle Class of 2025! It's time to schedule your senior portraits so that your picture will be included in the 2025 Oracle Yearbook. Camera Box will be at school July 29 - August 1 for pictures this year. See below for more information and to schedule an appointment.

Carlisle students may schedule a time on one of the days that we take portraits at the high school. Appointments at school may be scheduled online.  Book early to ensure that you are photographed on time!


Photos taken at school include the formal yearbook portrait, and optionally 3/4 length photos, or outdoor photos taken near the school.

If you are unavailable for an appointment on one of the days we are at school, please click here to schedule a sitting at our studio in Camp Hill or call 717.761.2017. There will be a make up day for pictures in the fall, but times on that day are limited and we encourage all students to be photographed over the summer, before the start of your senior year.

What to wear for the yearbook:

To ensure continuity throughout the senior section, we strongly encourage male students to wear a coat and tie for the yearbook. Camera Box has a limited number of black jackets, but if possible please wear your own if you have one. You MUST have your own dress shirt. We also request that you wear your own tie. Guys, unless you wear facial hair, you should shave on the day of your appointment.

Female students should refrain from wearing thin–strapped tank style tops for the picture. A formal sweater or dress is good, or you can wear one of our drapes. Camera Box provides the drape if you want to wear it. Because your shoulders are uncovered while wearing the drape, please wear a cami or tank top with thin straps for the formal sitting. We also have pearls available if needed, Wear makeup for your pictures. You don't have to do too much - just enhance your natural look. 

Guys or Girls -  For formal poses, long sleeves are best. Avoid strong patterns - simple is best for formals. Middle tones or dark colors usually look best for the yearbook style poses. For casuals or outdoor photos, wear what you like. 

How to prepare for pictures:

Acne: Don’t panic if you break out before your scheduled time. We retouch your yearbook photo and any pictures that you purchase for yourself, so it may be best to leave your skin alone and not use too much cover-up.

Hair: Make sure you are comfortable with your hair - if you get a new hairstyle on picture day and you don't like it, you won't like your pictures. 

Clothes: Make sure your clothes are neat and not wrinkled up.

Sleep: Get plenty of rest the night before your appointment so you come in feeling fresh and looking good!



Price are listed here. If you are unable to afford the sitting fee that is required for the yearbook, please email Camera Box. Need-based scholarship funds are available, and no one will be kept out of the yearbook for financial reasons.

Senior Portrait Sitting Prices

You pay for your sitting fee when the pictures are taken. The sitting fee includes the photo for the yearbook and basic retouching for the yearbook pose. The sitting fee does not include prints or digital files. We have several types of sittings available. Please decide what sitting you would like prior to scheduling your appointment:

Formal Sitting - $30 

Traditional formal portrait session in one outfit; required for the yearbook. Includes the cost of retouching the yearbook pose. Camera Box will submit your yearbook pose to the school for you. Add a 3/4 length pose in a different outfit for $10 extra.

Casual Outdoor Senior Sitting - $35 additional

Includes 2 outfits. Fun casual photos can be taken outside nearby on the days we are at school (we usually go to Dickinson College for photos), or at a location near the studio in Camp Hill if you cannot come to the school. We love outdoor photos! Pick outfits that you love! Bring along a prop or props to really personalize your photos. Please select outfits that allow you to change quickly in your vehicle if you choose an outdoor session.

Senior Portrait Package Prices

After your pictures are taken and you are ready to place an order you may select prints or digital files using our Package Prices. Click or tap for a complete price list.

Samples - Get ALL your senior pictures done by Camera Box!