All yearbook deadlines are over. 

Last Chance for Yearbook Photos - Updated 1/14/2022. Subject to change without notice

For all schools, the deadline to be photographed for the yearbook has passed. 


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No dates for yearbook pictures available for the class of 2022.

Cumberland Valley Students - it is too late to schedule a picture for the yearbook. The final deadline to be taken was September 16, 2021.

Red Land and Cedar Cliff students - we have delivered all pictures to the yearbook. It is too late to have a yearbook photo taken.

Carlisle Students - the last day for senior portraits at school was October 21. 

Camp Hill Students - our last day to take your picture was November 16.

Mechanicsburg Students - it is too late to schedule an appointment for the yearbook.

Boiling Springs Students - it is too late to schedule a picture for the yearbook

***If you are unable to afford a sitting fee, please click here to send an email and request information regarding Camera Box Scholarships.  If you are eligible for a Scholarship, there will be no cost for your sitting.