Schedule your Senior Portrait Appointment

If you have not scheduled a time for your yearbook picture yet, you will need to be photographed during one of our "last chance" makeup times. Click or tap here for more information about your school and how to be photographed for the yearbook.

Class of 2020 Senior Portraits

Senior pictures should be taken during May, June, July, or August of 2019 for the school yearbook.  Some schools require that you have your picture taken at Camera Box, and some do not.  Regardless, it is very important that you schedule an appointment early - our times fill up fast, especially August times.


If you are involved in a fall sport, marching band or other activity, we suggest that you schedule a time in May, June or July.  Most coaches and directors will not excuse you from practice for pictures.

We will post information here that is provided by the various schools that we work with as it is made available.  You can also check your school's web page for more information about pictures.

Cumberland Valley High School

Red Land High School

Cedar Cliff High School

Bishop McDevitt High School

Trinity High School

Carlisle High School

Camp Hill High School

Boiling Springs High School

Mechanicsburg High School

Other schools not listed here - coming soon!


Senior Portrait Sitting Prices - First you pay for your sitting fee, which includes the yearbook photo. The sitting fee does not include prints or digital files.

Senior Portrait Package Prices - When you are ready to order, you may select prints or digital files using our Package Prices.

**Do you need a copy of your senior picture for a college application, a sports program, or other use?  We can often provide a copy of your picture at reduced cost, or even at no cost depending on what you need and whether you have placed a package order from us.  Please call us at 717.761.2017 to discuss.

If you are in charge of a school booster organization and need a number of senior pictures for students who participate in your group, we may be able to help at little or no cost to your group.  In that case, please contact Geoff Shearer via email.