A Dose of Inspiration!

No matter the season, at some point every photographer will need a dose of inspiration. Whether it is dull winter or humid summer there is inspiration, we just need to look for it.

One thing that a photographer can do to stay inspired is to go back and read the original manual of their favorite camera. Sometimes going back to the basics inspires simplistic creativity which may be just what a photographer needs after shooting complex, convoluted shots all day.

Another source where inspiration can be found is in websites such as Google Images. Searching through websites can provide photographers with over millions of images and ideas. Try Google Searching your favorite things to photograph and see how other fellow professional and amateur photographers photograph the same item. Gathering new ideas such as new ways to compose photographs might provide just the inspiration you needed.

Another potential source of inspiration is the people that you surround yourself with. By surrounding yourself with fellow photographers whether it is through a blog, email newsletter, personal friendship or even a photography club will allow you to gain more insight and inspiration on shots and provide you with more creative ideas through their feedback or influence.  The circle of photographing friends might also be able to provide you with the support and encouragement you may need to continue in your photography.

If you as a photographer are lacking information one more thing you want to try is playing with what you have. Try using different angles or shooting techniques combined with settings you don’t usually use or know little about. Try getting down lower or higher, lie on your back, stand on a ladder, and change your viewpoint. Try shooting inside versus outside, or with different lighting techniques. If you photograph people all day take your camera out for a hike and try shooting the mountain ranges. By trying something different you as a photographer will feel more refreshed and rejuvenated point of view.