Kodak PlaySport Zx3: A Great Camera for an Active Family

The following is a guest review from John Webster.Playsport camera

The Kodak PlaySport Zx3 camera does not outperform the current line of pocket cameras. It is similar in images quality; it does not perform well in low light situations, no optical zoom and false 1080p video. Given all of those shortcomings, we chose this camera to take in the water. After a summer of fun at the beach, water parks and canoeing adventures – all is forgiven.

Overall this is an incredibly designed pocket camera and able to take on the rigors of family vacations. Gone is a hard glossy finish, in its place is a soft-touch case that screams drop me and I will not break. We even tested that theory by accident at an amusement park this summer. We found the design easy to hold and less fatiguing when filming video.

This camera’s biggest draw is its waterproof design. It sports sturdy locking doors covering the ports, CD slot and battery. We completely tested this feature taking the camera down water slides, out in the surf and we even tried to film fish underwater. It performed flawlessly each time.

The specs, as I said, are not spectacular. It shoots 5 mega-pixel images and 1080p video that will work well to capture your next water adventure.

To sum it up, you getting this camera for its durable and waterproof features and on those points it performs flawlessly. If you’re an active family that likes to capture all the fun for later, don’t put your digital SLR at risk pick up this $150.00 gem.