New Educational Opportunities Can Uncover Your True Passion: An Interview with Dr. Melissa Vayda and Janice Moore of Central Penn College

Camera Box Professional Photography believes in the value of education. We are delighted to share with you the following interview with two outstanding women from Central Penn College: Dr. Melissa Vayda, Vice President and Chief Academic Officer and Janice Moore, Provost.

In your opinion, what role does education play in the future of an individual and for society, as a whole?

In many instances, lack of education or poor education is a limiting factor that disadvantages people who may have great potential. The obvious answer is that a better education can help you land a better job and you can earn more money; but it is so much more than that. Educated individuals are known to engage in preventive personal healthcare-like go to the dentist and get physicals. They have access to healthier foods, have opportunities to travel, volunteer more frequently and make charitable contributions. In a nutshell, education helps an individual become well-rounded, contributing and responsible as a citizen. These are values that help make/keep a society productive and progressive. – Dr. Melissa Vayda, Vice President & CAO

What role has education played in your life?

Education has always been a vital part of my life and will always be part of my life. Education has served me by allowing me to learn about best practices and take them back to the classroom to implement ideas. It has allowed me to share my knowledge with others and encourage their individual growth. The most important thing that education enables us to do is question the status quo-look at various examples of how to implement a solution-and continually improve ourselves or our company. – Janice Moore, Provost

If there was one thing you could say to young people about education, what would it be?

Take advantage of all the educational opportunities that are afforded to you. Sometimes new educational opportunities uncover your true passion and set you on a new track where you can make a difference. You may not realize the impact of the opportunity at the time, but if you watch, listen, and learn, you will invariably be able to utilize the knowledge, skills and abilities you have acquired with your education. – Janice Moore, Provost

Education is what you make of it. How do you purpose that we help children and young adults make the most of their education?

Children learn to value (or not value) education from the beginning of their lives from their surroundings, their families and eventually their schools. A foundation is established long before a child reaches kindergarten. This foundation not only molds the way a child approaches education, but it also sets the tone for life. It is your responsibility to establish many avenues for young children to learn, and enjoy learning, and then it is our responsibility to feed that knowledge. – Dr. Melissa Vayda, Vice President & CAO

Dr. Melissa Vayda

Currently serving as Vice President and Chief Academic Officer at Central Penn College, Melissa Vayda, EdD, is responsible for oversight of all academic functions at the college, several strategic growth initiatives and accreditation. Tapping institutional knowledge and strategic talent, Dr. Vayda has been instrumental in growing, changing and strengthening the institution. She has led the organization through numerous initiatives, including degree level advancement, new degree programs, accreditation statuses, the development of fully online offerings and the establishment of additional locations. She has been key to the growth and maturation of the college’s academics, institutional effectiveness and integrity, and its strategic planning.

Janice Moore

As Provost of Central Penn College, Janice Moore provides oversight to academics, student services, career services and information technology. She works to ensure compliance with programmatic, state and federal regulations. Upholding quality, career-relevant educational programs enables students to secure employment in their chosen field of study.