Camera Box Owners Recognized for Contribution to Children’s Home

This spring, Tammy and Geoff were honored to be recognized as “friends” of the United Methodist Home for Children (UMHC). This honor, given only once per year, recognizes a member or team within the community for their, “care, dedication, and outstanding service for the work and ministry of UMHC.”

Tammy says this organization is near and dear to her, as was the past president, Rev. Ken Arthur.

The UMHC Marketing Manager jumped at the opportunity to participate in the following Q&A to tell our readers more about their organization and the award!

UMHC Cottage

Tell us about the United Methodist Home for Children (UMHC).

For over ninety years, the United Methodist Home for Children has provided a caring environment for Central Pennsylvania’s children in need. Originally a home for orphans, today the Home is a refuge for children who are the victims of a negative social environment. Each year, UMHC provides residential treatment for scores of children on our beautiful 56 acre campus in Cumberland County. Children are referred to the Home primarily by county children and youth agencies and family courts. The children, for a variety of reasons, are unable to live with their families or within foster care placements in the community.

United Methodist Home for Children Residential Care, Inc.: This program provides intensive long-term residential care for boys, ages eight to eighteen, and girls, ages eleven to eighteen. The five original limestone cottages create a safe, home-like environment for the children with professional care provided by a team of dedicated staff. Staff members offer round-the-clock guidance, structure, nurturing, and discipline. Special therapies include behavior modification, conflict resolution, problem solving, equestrian therapy, and art therapy.

The United Methodist Home for Children is dedicated to providing hurting children with the tools they need to succeed in life. Services are available to children, youth, and families regardless of religion, race, sec, color, or national origin.

The Children of UMHC

What are the “friends” of the UMHC? How does one earn this recognition?

Each year, we hold a Spring Banquet for our residents/staff.  At this event, the residents are recognized for their achievements throughout the school year and for things they accomplish on campus.  We also recognize staff for their milestone years of service and recognize an “employee of the year” who is nominated by fellow staff members.

A few years ago, we decided we should nominate a “friend” of the children’s Home, as well.  There is no formal guideline of how we choose someone for this award… it’s someone who really sticks out to us in their interactions with the Home.  In the past, we’ve recognized a husband/wife who volunteer countless hours at the home and also at different events to get the word out about us.  We’ve also recognized sponsor families who give of their time so generously to help build positive relationships with the kids.  Tammy and Geoff were a no-brainer to be nominated for this award.  For years, they have given (and continue to give) their time, talent, and love so generously and graciously to the Home.

If you had to describe Tammy and Geoff, what would you say about them?

Even though I see Tammy more often than Geoff, I always think of them as the perfect little team!  Recently, they took on a project to help us save/display pictures of the history of the Home.  Tammy was ecstatic, and they jumped in with both feet!  After countless hours of blowing up, retouching, and digitally saving the photographs, Tammy hand-delivered them (and there were many) with the biggest, warmest smile on her face.  She was so excited to tell us about how much fun she and Geoff had going through the pictures and doing all the work – and instead of basking in the praise we wanted to give her for all they had done – she was thanking US for letting them be a part of it!

Tammy and Geoff are just such kind, loving, generous, and wonderful people!  We can’t put into words how thankful we are for all they do, or how much we appreciate the love that they do it with!  I don’t think they realize how much they mean, not only to us, but to everyone who comes in contact with them!  We are so proud they are part of the UMHC family!

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