Online Community Rally for Kitten/Family in Time of Need

The following is a blog post originally published by Amanda Harrison at Strella Social Media. It’s near and dear to our hearts as we consider this kitten – and her sister Tabby – our “Godkitties!”

Our Godkitty, EJ

Three weeks ago my kitten, EJ, was injured by my beagle, Bayle. Bayle snapped at EJ catching her around her neck and front left paw area. He did not mean to hurt her; he was only protecting his food. She immediately collapsed to the ground and couldn’t walk. She just rolled around on the floor and couldn’t get up. It was heart-breaking.

I immediately rushed her to the vet where the prognosis was not good. Since she was too little to do an x-ray or any scans, they were not sure what was wrong with her. The vet said it could be spinal cord or brain damage. They gave her a cortisone shot and kept her overnight for observation. If she did not improve, they suggested that we put her down. I was beside myself! Here was my six-week-old kitten, injured…and I was helpless. It was my fault.

My children and I left the vet feeling lost because we were leaving a member of our family behind. Little did I know that Rachel had gotten on Facebook and rallied the troops!

Tammy, from Camera Box, contacted several people letting them know, including an animal expert who advised that EJ be given some time to heal. Rickie, from Reiki by Rickie, sent healing thoughts and kind words. Many others contacted me telling me they had EJ in their thoughts and prayers.

I still have one of the emails, which read, “URGENT: Do not put her down! Give her time to heal.” That was all I needed – to know that EJ was going to get better.

The next day, my son and I went back to the vet and brought our kitty home where she belonged. Within 24 hours, she was walking and eating by herself. I knew, from that point on, she was going to make a full recovery. What I didn’t know, up until this point, was the community support that my family and I had.

People I didn’t even know where contacting me to say that everything would be okay. They didn’t know me or EJ, all they knew was a family was in need of love and support and they were there, for a small kitten in a small town.

To those people I want to say, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your kind words and generous thoughts. It’s nice to know there are people looking out for you, and thanks to the lovely world of the internet of which I live and breathe, a community is only a click away.

Share a story of how your community supported you!