Please help us to “stuff our bus”!

We all have great memories of “The Shore” growing up, our family included.  Ocean City, New Jersey has significance to our family and many of our friends.  We are aware of the complete devastation all over the East Coast, and as much as we would love to fix everything everywhere, we know that we will do best by focusing our efforts in one place.  Because of the great family memories, we’ve chosen this special place to help.

Over 500 children in the Ocean City School District alone are now homeless.  Their homes have been completely destroyed, and these families are “living” in gymnasiums, churches, schools, and in borrowed homes of those who were fortunate enough to have their homes remain standing.  Our focus is on these families, who now have only the clothing on their backs and memories of what used to be.  Please help us to help them in bridging the gap between utter devastation and hope for a new future.

I’ve been in touch with friends in Ocean City, who are working around the clock to help repair the least damaged homes, and I asked them what they need most right now.  Please see the list below, as these are the most critical items, some for practical reasons, and some for emotional reasons.  Whatever you can do to help, it is greatly appreciated.  Our goal is to stuff a bus and send it on Sunday, November 18.  We would love to stuff a second bus and send it a week or two later!

Donations are being accepted at our main office, which is located at 1900 Crooked Hill Road, Harrisburg, PA.  Our regular office hours are 8am-5pm.  If you can’t make it during those times, please let us know, and we’ll make arrangements with you.  For our friends in the Lancaster and York areas, we will happily make pick ups for larger donations.  Call into the office at 1-800-298-8053, and we’ll work it out with you.  If you’re not sure what to donate, please feel free to call Tracy in the office, as she’s been working with our friends.

Thank you for your love and generosity.  We know that we have the greatest circle of extended family around us, and working together, we hope to make a big difference in the lives of the families in Ocean City.

Most needed items:
New blankets/sheets/pillows – all sizes
Bottled water
Cleaning Supplies – bleach, detergent, large garbage bags
Gloves – Latex and work gloves
Towels – Paper and cloth
Paper plates and cups (disposable)
Pet food
Pet toys
Small artificial Christmas trees
Christmas decorations
Toys and other Christmas gifts for children

They are also asking for assistance from any trained medics/firemen that would be willing to give some time.

Monetary donations are also extremely helpful.  All money collected is going directly to the community and is being used for necessities, including food, fuel, and emergency items for the good of all.  You can donate by making a check out to “OCNJ Care”, and pop it in the mail to us at Unique Limousine, PO Box 60264, Harrisburg, PA  17106.  We will forward everything directly to them, as we don’t have a reliable mailing address for them at this time.  Mail is still very spotty, and we will hand deliver everything.

Again, thank you for your love and generosity…the people who need your help most appreciate it, and so do we.